Friday, 1 June 2018

Redemption or Repentance

Savyasachi is rest less . Its been ten weeks since his wife Bhawna has been discharged from  the hospital after her cholecystectomy.
Savyasachi is anxious. Bhawna is her normal self and the house is in order just the way it normally is.
Savyasachi is upset . Bhawna doesn't look upset . She didn't threaten , she didn't lose her temper , she didn't  even cry .
Savyasachi is thinking hard -
Why ? Is she considering to move out? After all Bhawna is emotionally strong , financially independent , successful lawyer and a loving mother.
Why ? Has she 'forgiven' him ? It was nothing but a moment of weakness first in ten years of their marriage. It was Rosie the nurse who was all over him. And when Bhawana saw them together in the hospital janitor room they were just holding hands .
Why ? Does Bhawna too have secrets ? Did she ever love him ?
Why ? Is she planning to take custody of 7 year old Ishaan?
Is Ishaan their son?
Why ? Why ? Why ? Bhawana's normal behaviour is killing Savyasachi. He is appalled , he is disgruntled , he is remorseful .
Bhawna is at peace . She is feeling calmer than she ever did in these ten years . Her husband is an average  man with all flaws and faults - she thus realised  . She has been in awe of him  , fulfilling his every wish , she has been so full of self pity , feeling she got more than she deserved. She didn't idolise him but she was cautious of her average looks . She didn't worship him but bend backwards to keep him with her.
And Now She doesn't have to do that anymore .