Wednesday, 8 November 2017

आसान है क्या ?

शिकायत नहीं है मुझे ,
न ही दस्तूर बदलने की हिम्मत  ,
अस्थिर नही  हूँ , अधीर नहीं ,
अवसाद शायद ,
उदास शायद  ,
कहना  है बस ,
आसान नहीं ,
यूं अकेले रहना। 

दीवार  पर टंगी  बेटी की बनाई,
हैप्पी फैमिली  की पेन्टिंग, 
अलमारी में लटकी तुम्हारी साड़ियां ,
कुछ बंद  मैगी के पैकेट ,
कुछ खुले बिस्कुट ,
बेटे का क्रिकेट का बल्ला,
कह गया  था  रख लो ,
अगली छुट्टियों  में फिर जो खेलना है। 
तुम्हारी लगाई गेंदे की क्यारी सुनहरी हो चली ,
तुल्सी  भी हो गयी हरी पूरी ,
कमरा खाली ,दिल भरा भरा सा ,
आसान है क्या ,
यूं अकेले रहना ?

टेक्नोलॉजी के साधन  अनेक है ,
नहीं प्रतिस्थापित कुछ भी कर पाया ,
तुम्हारा साथ। 
चाहता हूँ लौट जाना घर,
बच्चों को देखूं पढ़ते बढ़ते , 
माँ का बनू  सहारा , दूँ तुम्हे तुम्हारे हिस्से का प्यार  ,
  किस से जा कर कहूँ  मन  का कौतूहल  ,
 संगी साथी, भाई बहन व्यस्त  है, 
उनके हैं अपने अपने कारोबार, परिवार। 
आसान नही है,
यूं अकेले रहना। 

"वह " कहते है किस्मत अच्छी है मेरी ,
जो देश भर में घूमता हूँ , 
पहली को सेलरी  क्रेडिट हो जाती है ,
सुविधाएं  हैं  । 
नादाँ है या फिर बेफिक्र ,
नहीं जानते  , 
मौत खेलने आती है दबे पैर रोज़ यहाँ। 
बर्फ , बारूद  , बारिश , पत्थर , अकेलापन ,
क्या  कुछ सहना पड़ता है ,
आसान नहीं है 
यूं  रहना  ।  

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Sometimes Silly Sometimes Sweet Short Stories #005

What More ?

He looked in the bathroom mirror and grinned. A few months above 50 and not a strand of grey hair ,fine lines near the eyes had begun to show presence though . He was proud of his salon styled looks and his body built on supplements. He always opined that a man needed just two things to lead a good life - looks and bank balance and in his case an unsuspecting wife too.

“What more Ravindra Khosla”? he winked at  his reflection.

“Jess, jess , jessica” he called out her name agitatedly but she seemed fast asleep.

“Damn the new gen drinks” he said exasperatedly and began to pack his overnight duffel.

He didn't bother to look twice at the petite figure sleeping face down on the hotel bed her cheap flea market dress lying on the floor.

He checked himself out in the full length mirror one more time and marvelled at the ease with which he could still charm women half his age. 

“What more”? he chuckled.

“Check out on time and don’t add anything to the bill like last time” he said gingerly while sliding a wad of INR 2000 notes under her pillow.

Sitting in the cab he switched on his phone – countless missed calls and messages – 15 hours and he hadn't bothered to touch his phone – “ Jess sure knows how to keep me busy” he muttered shamelessly.

Then something caught his eye-

Tarun Khosla, 19 year son of a senior bureaucrat , Ravindra Khosla , undertakes blue whale challenge, dies.

2 hours later when his plane touched down in New Delhi, there was something more that was making headlines-

23 year old nursing student from Kalyan, found dead in a 5 star hotel room in Mumbai. Prima facie drug overdose.


Monday, 17 July 2017

Anatomy Of A Name

Name Speaks !

"Just Because You Know My Name, 
Doesn't Mean You Know My Story"

My name generates inquisitiveness.Acquaintances say it is a bit difficult to pronounce, doesn't give away my religion or region I belong to and is atypical for a person belonging to the 70's generation of Punjab. 
My mother named me after the female protagonist of a novel she had read during her MA English days - the name of the novel she is unable to recall!
It may sound self glorification - I am yet to meet my Namesake !

My name resonates Mightiness Magnanimity & Mythology.
I am a practising Hindu but my name has roots in Buddhism, its a derivative of 'Avalokitesvara' - the Bodhisttava of compassion.There are sixteen  recognised Bodhisttavas . I always had a yearning to understand the interpretation of my name.Whenever a chance arose i visited Buddhist monasteries and temples. I googled , I read articles on Buddhism, I sought answers from my Buddhist friends. For me my name remains a reason to learn the rationale of religion.

I suppose that the name manifests singularity. Though scientifically unproven psychologists maintain your persona is 1/4th of what your name means.If you call someone "motu" ," piggy" or even "baby" for long periods, the person gravitates towards being one becomes edgy ends with psychological depredation. 
The name should take one to solo ego trips. 
Simple Suggestions :
  1. Take time. The prerogative of naming children lies with PARENTS.
  2. The name shouldn't be the most difficult or the strangest.
  3. The child(adults alike) should know the genesis of his/her name.
  4. Religious / Regional barriers should be totally conquered while naming children .Why should a Sikh name end with preet, deep or jeet ? Why cannot a Hindu name end with preet,deep or jeet? Shouldn't we promote  Indianness rather than elevating clan , community or region?
  5.  The name should essentially be constructive , affirmative and gender confirming.
  6. Just like bullying , body shaming , making fun of other people's name is wicked.
  7. Avoid sharing bedroom names with anyone.The awkward pet names(if any) should remain within the immediate family.


 (Straight from )
- Lord who contemplates 
the Bodhisattva who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas.
According to the 'Karandavyuha Sutra' the Sun and the Moon 
are said to be born from the eyes of Lord Avalokistevara.
Shiva from brow,
Brahma from shoulders,
Sarasvati from teeth,
Earth from feet and 
the Sky from stomach.

Lord Avalokitesvara 
Macleodganh, Dharmasala.
There is significant difference between Buddha and Boddhisttava.
A Buddha is an individual who has attained enlightenment and is free from the six realms of reincarnation while Boddhisttava is the one who has achieved enlightenment but chose to stay in this world to aid all other beings towards spiritual insight.

From the road trip 2017 pages:

The present day Bodhi tree believed to be the descendant of the original tree. The tilt is supported by iron pillars .The tree is massive and leaning on one side being supported by Maha Bodhi temple on the other. It is indeed mythical. The temple architecture is clear defined yet intricate.Lotus predominates. (Read my reviews on )

The diamond throne was added to the temple by emperor Asoka at the exact spot where Lord Buddha sat.The supporting structure obstructs direct view of the throne though.

The kid man at Dhamekh stupa , Sarnath, 20 minutes drive from Varanasi cantonment .It was here in Sarnath that Lord Budha gave his first sermon seven weeks after attaining enlightenment in Bodh gaya.The stupa is 128 feet high and 93 feet broad and has inscriptions written in brahmi script. 

The ruins of ancient monasteries near the stupa site.The site is in the tentative list of UNESCO heritage.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

कुछ स्वाल कुछ बातें *1

ताज कल भी आज  भी 


जिसे मैंने कई साल पहले देखा था। पिताजी की केन्द्रीय सरकार की नौकरी का सबसे बड़ा फैयादा 

 l t c था जिसके रहते साल दो साल में यहां वहां घूमना हो जाया करता था। उस साल पिताजी हमें दिल्ली , जयपुर आगरा का golden triangle घूमाने ले गए थे। 
सर्दी की सुबह थी , धुंध थी चारों ओर! मशहूर "lady diana "  संगमरर स्टूल पे बैठे तस्वीरें खींचना जोर शोर से जारी था। कभी भाई ,कभी पिताजी फुर्ती से  'खचाक  खचाक ' तस्वीरें खींच  रहे थे।  
मैं चुपचाप था। शायद वो चारबाग़ ,मुग़ल बाग़  ,फुहारे, रंग बिरंगे फूल , आस पास के  लाल बलुआ पत्थर  के मकबरे,शाही द्वार  मेरे युवा मन को लुभाने में असफल थे। 
फिर कुछ ऐसा घटा मानो  पर्दा छटता हो जैसे ।मद्धम मद्धम सूरज की कुछ सुनहरी  किरणे ताज पे पड़ी और पूरा नज़ारा बदल गया।  वो जिसकी तस्वीर सिर्फ किताबों में देखी थी जिसके बारे में केवल सुना था मेरे
सामने ,बिल्कुल सामने था । अद्भुत , आलोकिक , शानदार। 
विश्व का सातवां अजूबा, हां अजूबा ही तो था। विशाल , सफ़ेद दूधिया संगमर्रर - मोहब्बत की दास्ताँ सुनाता हुआ। 
कई घंटे बीत गए  पर मेरी नज़र ताज पे गड़ी रही। गुमसुम सा , बेसुध सा मैं कभी guide के कहे अनुसार मीनारों को देखता कभी आयतों को ,कभी मुग़ल इतिहास को समझने की कोशिश करता, कभी  पिताजी के कहने पर torch से नक्काशी जाली पे रोशनी करता।

अबे! चल न कब तक यू ही निहारता रहेगा? " भाई ने खीज भरे स्वर में कहा था।
"बस थोड़ी देर और ' मैंने  मुनहार  की। 
"नही अब और नही, फिर आ जाना जब तेरी  मोहब्बत तेरे साथ होगी और बैठे रहना यहीं " । भाई ने बोला था। 
"क्या भाई आप भी "कह कर मैंने exit  की ओर कदम बढ़ाये थे।


जून की दुपहरी में तुम मेरे साथ खड़ी हो, चिलचिलाती धूप  से बेपरवाह, वही जहां मैने ताज को पहली बार देखा था। 

ठीक वैसी ही चमक तुम्हारी आँखों मे भी झलकती मैंने देखी। १५ साल के शादीशुदा जीवन में न जाने कितनी बार मैंने तुम्हे यहाँ लाने की कोशिश की थी। कभी जेब साथ नहीं देती तो कभी हालात।

काश ! मैं तुम्हे बता पाता  वर्षों पुरानी वो छोटी सी घटना ।

पर क्या तुम समझ पायोगी?

मेंरी नादानी का उपहास तो न करोगी?

कहूंगा एक दिन लेकिन जरूर यही पर क्योंकि ताज और मैं  दोनों जानते हैं  प्यार क्या है...!!!

Friday, 2 June 2017

कुछ स्वाल कुछ बातें

Beginning a new segment on my Blog.
"कुछ स्वाल कुछ बातें" in Hindi.

For reasons unknown English has always been my first choice of writing though it's not even my mother tongue.

The convent schooling facilitated to think & write in the Queen's Language.
English certainly has a wider reception & a large readers base but i fear human emotions get lost in translation if not conveyed the way they are felt & dealt with.

Hope my tribe agrees !