Monday, 6 March 2017

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                                          Knock! Knock! Knock! 

Me: " Who is it?" 
My Fortieth Year(MFY):"Its Me Your 40th year" Winks at me. 
Me: " Why are you here just yet? I wasn't expecting you until six months and why on earth do you sound so intimidating?"  
MFY:"Ah...there you go again. Until six months? I have been there for quite sometime now--Look at yourself.Your body resembles the diagram of an amoeba-grossly asymmetrical,the top and the middle heading steadfastly south,hormones confused not knowing what to do,your mood oscillates more than the pendulum of the vintage clock in the living room,your skin is so uneven that every inch on your face needs a different shade of foundation , your nails chipped atta permanently stuck at the nail bed , your heels cracked & your hair dry and lustreless.(Looking around the room)Does that weighing machine still work ? Thought it would have died of asphyxia ...(laughs)"
Me: "Is that why you are here to tell me what my husband's distant cousin's (ex)air hostess wife been asking me for past three weeks-Babes have  you put on more weight?"

MFY: (with serious expression)"Doesn't body shaming affect you?" 
Me:"I does.It infuriates me that women have ceased to look beyond physical appearances.Getting thin is all that they can think of,weight is all that they can talk about.Where have all the bright women gone? Its been months since i have had a real conversation." 

MFY:"Haven't you heard your mother and other aunties mentioning the havoc I create in their lives? Aren't you scared that you might not look the way you used.How will you get past this phase?"

Me:"I am a fighter- A Survivor. I have witnessed a whirlwind of activity in these four decades.The overt disciplinarian schooling,the persistent parental pressure to achieve academic excellence,the turmoil of the teenage years with zero guidance from home, undesirable male attention,taking sabbatical from a budding career, getting lost into anonymity, getting superseded, disease,destruction & death. 
"I have seen it all,borne it all and survived it all".  

                "I do things my way. I do have a plan".
      forty winks at me and I wink back

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