Tuesday, 7 March 2017

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yay yay yay its the 8th of march !
my fb profile is updated & whatspp dp changed.
sent forwarded re forwarded re re forwarded messages,
wishing everyone Happy Women's day!
adrenalin is rushing though me for  I've been waiting for weeks,
to flaunt  those original fake Zara dresses with  mineral make up in place.
so much to do and so less time,
 will probably skip the seminar on domestic violence,
to attend jewellery exhibition  and free mexican lunch.
an all women club social in the evening is for sure
where i hope to win free passes to the movie Pink!

Excuse me what did u just say?
How different  this Women's Day going to be from the last several ones ?
Did i cheer, inspire, promote at least one of my tribe?

but why should i even try ?
 I didn't spend 10K on the grooming sessions to do all that?
for that  is the job of REAL WOMEN !