Friday, 5 January 2018

Sometimes Silly Sometimes Sweet Short Stories #006


''Is this your way of showing gratitude towards your family which let you live ?" said her grand mother.
"I spent on your bringing up, on your schooling , on your marriage ,how do you propose to repay that?" said her father.
"You managed to receive 5% share in the family property still you are not ashamed of embarrassing us?" said one of her brothers.
"Look at my son, he is so good looking what more does an average girl like you possibly ask for?" said her mother-in-law.
"What did I not give you in last ten years of marriage that you chose to walk out?" said her husband.

"Respect is what she wants,
"Respect is what she didn't ever get,
"Respect is what she will earn".

said her mother as they both walked out of the court.