Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Sometimes Silly Sometimes Sweet Short Stories #005

What More ?

He looked in the bathroom mirror and grinned. A few months above 50 and not a strand of grey hair ,fine lines near the eyes had begun to show presence though . He was proud of his salon styled looks and his body built on supplements. He always opined that a man needed just two things to lead a good life - looks and bank balance and in his case an unsuspecting wife too.

“What more Ravindra Khosla”? he winked at  his reflection.

“Jess, jess , jessica” he called out her name agitatedly but she seemed fast asleep.

“Damn the new gen drinks” he said exasperatedly and began to pack his overnight duffel.

He didn't bother to look twice at the petite figure sleeping face down on the hotel bed her cheap flea market dress lying on the floor.

He checked himself out in the full length mirror one more time and marvelled at the ease with which he could still charm women half his age. 

“What more”? he chuckled.

“Check out on time and don’t add anything to the bill like last time” he said gingerly while sliding a wad of INR 2000 notes under her pillow.

Sitting in the cab he switched on his phone – countless missed calls and messages – 15 hours and he hadn't bothered to touch his phone – “ Jess sure knows how to keep me busy” he muttered shamelessly.

Then something caught his eye-

Tarun Khosla, 19 year son of a senior bureaucrat , Ravindra Khosla , undertakes blue whale challenge, dies.

2 hours later when his plane touched down in New Delhi, there was something more that was making headlines-

23 year old nursing student from Kalyan, found dead in a 5 star hotel room in Mumbai. Prima facie drug overdose.